New Client – New York Local Mover

The logo image for my new client new york local moversWell, another company NewYorkLocalMovers

has trusted to get their site some higher rankings in hopes of generating some new customers. In these blog posts we will post what we are doing to get the results this client is looking for. This is a first client that we will do this with, it’s generally not done because we want to keep our clients privacy. I always wondered why seo companies did this because the only reason it would have any negative impact would be for some kind of retaliation. I don’t think I have to worry about that so I’m going to expose the so called secrets of seo and show you how I’m going it.  This will hopefully help with elimination of the credibility issue for new customers.  In tomorrow’s blog post, actually  in the next post I’ll show the setup and some of the problems I have with some customers.

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