Internet Advertising and Marketing


 It’s Not Easy Managing Your Own Online Advertising? 

Or worse yet… Figure out who to hire to do it for you?

Every business has the need to attract new customers. Online advertising and marketing is the newest and , by far in our opinion, best way to advertise. If you’re not there, then you are leaving a LOT of money on the table for your competitors to snatch up! We’re a online advertising company based in Las Vegas standing by to help you with you online advertising.

The problem is…

There’s no shortage of schemers telling half truths and whole lies while claiming you can get your site ranked. not only in the ‘Big 3″ (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), but literally thousands of  search engines. What they’re not saying,  is the part you have to worry about.

Is it better to be on the first page for a keyword or to have targeted traffic?

Being in the number one position for a given keyword even if you think it’s the keyword people are using to find you, is not always best. We believe it’s best to have multiple targeted keywords so that people who are looking to buy your product can find you.

With so many ‘Marketing Experts’, ‘SEO Specialists’, and ‘Online Gurus’ – How do you know who to listen to?  At a time when every dime counts, it’s tough to know which company (or person) to trust.

So how do you choose?

Don’t fret, I’m here to help you with some heartfelt, honest advice and hopefully guide you to making an informed, intelligent decision. So let’s get started…

But first I would like to introduce you to one of our customers

Ask the right questions…

#1 - Does the company or person who wants to help you have their own site ranked and more importantly, for what phrases? (Most common response “We’re too busy to work on our own site”)  I’ll let you decide for yourself what that means! Are the keywords they are ranking for associated with their business and NOT just their business name or obscure terms. Are these keywords getting any traffic?

#2 – Will you be transparent with your procedures. Will you tell me where every link comes from. Do you buy links? What in your opinion is the most crucial part of on page optimization, something you MUST get right.

#3 – Ask the right questions or defer it to someone who can. The scam artists are VERY good at what they do.  We get exact same calls you do!

We of course wouldn’t be pointing this out if we too were out to make a quick buck and hit you hard and fast for your hard earned money, that’s not what we are about and I’m sorry to say they’re out there. On the other hand there are plenty of reputable companies out there doing  right. We won’t pretend we are the only one you can trust but we do hope your search stops here.

We think you should choose us, simply because

  • We are willing to answer all questions
  • Be 100% transparent
  • Fill you with facts, not fluff

And most importantly :

  • DO what it takes to help you grow your business and attract new customers

Let’s face the facts:

If you are having ANY success with your business, you are way too busy to be learning SEO, PPC, Mobile and Social Media Marketing and keep up with all the new techniques and products coming out daily…….You have a business to run, We get that!

I hope we’ve convinced you to give us a chance

Make sure that you have a plan. The #1 mistake we see in most new (and even some older, more experienced offline businesses) is this:

  1. Build a website, Check!
  2. Hire cheap SEO company with ‘propriatary’ software – Check!
  3. Get ranked for keywords NO ONE ever searches – Check!
  4. Discover online marketing is a hoax and doesn’t work – Check!
  5. Close down business – Check!

Don’t be another (9 out of 10 businesses not able to make it) statistic.

Get informed and work with someone who is building their success from making others successful. It takes a team to build your presence online and then expand from that presence to what we find works!